Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What Are Your Top Five Questions About Virtual Practice?

I'm writing a CLE manuscript for my state bar regarding Virtual Law Practice. The working title is Virtual Law Practice: Technology and Ethics Considerations. The writing is going well, but I want to make sure I have covered all my bases.

What are your top five questions about virtual law practice?

They can be questions about technology, practice management, ecommerce, ediscovery, security, SaaS, ethics, business, etc. So far, I'm feeling pretty confident that I've touched on most of the hot topics. Surprise me and maybe I'll blog with the answers.


Chris said...

Is there a software solution that can be installed out of the box that would work well for a virtual practice, or does someone have to find someone with programming expertise to set up the website?

What software do you use for your virtual practice? said...

I think I will answer your questions in a separate blog post above where I can do it justice. Thanks for commenting.