Monday, May 19, 2008

Free Blogs at Solo Practice University

Today Solo Practice University announced they will offer free blogs to Solo Practice University community members.

Solo Practice University, in development, is "a web-based educational community and networking forum for solo lawyers and entrepreneurial law students." Susan Cartier Liebel is the creator behind this web-based educational venture. The addition of free blogs to Solo Practice University community members will allow them to practice and hone their blogging skills in a constructive environment. It will be a great way to teach members how blogging and other technologies may be used to market their law practices and create valuable networks with other professionals.

This is the perfect combination! I'm so excited to see how this venture will empower solo practitioners and newly practicing lawyers. Plus, it's a web-based application and I am a big fan of using technology to pool collective resources for educational purposes. More information on Solo Practice University may be found here. Or sign up for email notification.

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