Thursday, January 24, 2008

Virtual Law Practice Heralded as the Future of Solos and Small Practices

The response to my guest post on Susan Cartier Liebel's blog Build a Solo Practice, LLC has been overwhelming. In the past three days Virtual Law Office Technology has been swamped with emails and a few phone calls from other solos interested in using the release version of the web application. I've really been enjoying hearing from these other attorneys with solo or small practices and learning how they run their businesses and how they would like to see this technology work for them.

Also heralding virtual law practice as the future of solos and small firms, Jordan Furlong, Editor-in-Chief of National magazine at the Canadian Bar Association, writes here on his blog Law21, "Small, flexible, accessible, affordable, and turn-on-a-dimeable — that’s what tomorrow’s solo and small firms will look like. It seems that, in some quarters at least, tomorrow has arrived early." He was kind enough to mention my virtual law practice, the Virtual Law Office Technology, and the guest post to Susan's blog.

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