Friday, October 13, 2006

Growing Busy

The online law office has really taken off - faster than expected actually which means that I have not had the time I had planned on to blog about legal updates in N.C. law. My clientele has built up relatively quick and fortunately is coming in steady each week. A few clients are still calling me on the cell phone or office phone to ask questions rather than going to the online format. However, we are working to add features to the client's personal pages on the site that will make corresponding and uploading and downloading documents more simple and user-friendly.

Having the flexibility to get the work done when I want to is the nicest thing about the online law office. If I need to go out in the middle of the day and work instead in the evening or early in the morning, that option is available to me. In fact, I just got back from an out of state trip yesterday. I worked remotely for the entire week from the website's administrative end and my email and didn't miss a beat with my clients. I'm thinking the quality of life that I have right now, being able to stay at home with my smart and energetic 9 month old and really give her the attention she deserves, makes up for the larger income that I might have had working crazy billable hours at a more traditional law office. And I'm able to stay current in my profession and continue to practice in the areas of law that interest me the most. I'll do my best to fit in more blogging about my practice and on new developments I read about in N.C. estate and small business law but, happily, I've got my hands full right now!

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