Monday, August 21, 2006

Looking forward to Pro Bono project

An update: Check out the changes I made to the virtual law office (VLO) website. It is less text-heavy now and has more graphics to make it more "user friendly." Business is good. NC Lawyer's Weekly published a front page article on the VLO. I spoke with the reporter on the phone a couple weeks earlier and we had a very casual conversation so I was not really expecting that my practice would be the focal point of the article. I would link to it but it's in the NC Lawyer's Weekly website's archive and you have to register to view it.

In other news, I'm going to do some pro bono work for the Cape Fear Community College Small Business Center for a few hours a month. I went to their center for counseling regarding my business plan for the VLO. They offer free small business counseling and other services to the community. I'm hoping to counsel small business owners on various legal matters concerning starting up and maintaining their small businesses. I'm looking forward to the opportunity because not only will it be a great chance to meet other small business owners in the community, but it will require me to really brush up on all aspects of the NC Corporations statutes and other business related matters so that I can be well prepared to answer any questions that the Small Business Center's clients might have for me.

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