Sunday, July 30, 2006

When Client Service a Priority - The Rest Will Follow

This is from a post on Wired GC, a well written blog run by a business and tech savy attorney in the midwest. He's commenting on a British law firm's use of technology to make their clients' lives easier. I will have to agree with his statement. I'm finding that clients also believe that the level of service that comes from retaining legal services through an online law office, while not as personal in the traditional sense perhaps, is more affordable and convenient for certain transactions.

"I can see enlightened law firms offering more of these online options for
clients. They could be priced on a per-use basis (good), offered on flat-fee
basis (better), or even free for clients on a retainer scheme for more complex
work (perhaps best).

If one of the law firms I use sent me a link to an online solution that could deliver quality work quicker at a lower cost, I would fall out of my chair. Why? Because it would mean this firm is thinking about solving my problems and not just about raising revenues. With a bit more focus on the former, the latter may be more likely." [emphasis added]

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